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How did Joseph Vincent Paterno gain so much power over Pennsylvania State University that the top officials of that university would agree to cover up (and thus enable) child molestation in order to protect Paterno’s chance to set the college football record for most coaching wins?

An essay written by a 2001 Penn State alumnus and published by CNN provides insight. To paraphrase the essay in a sentence: JoePa made us better than other people, and we are still better than other people. (Please do read the essay: It’s a study in baseless, pompous arrogance.)

Paterno got tens (hundreds?) of thousands of people to believe that he was making them better than other people, fostering an illusion that they were virtuous merely by association with his virtue, and he could count on their decisive support in every battle he had within the university.

First he gave them pride. And now he’s given them a fall.

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Darn Coogs…

So I was all set to head to a bar tonight with a fellow Houston refugee to watch the University of Houston men’s basketball team play against mighty Duke on national television. All the Coogs needed to do was to beat Georgia Southern yesterday afternoon, and they would be in the game tonight. Easy, right?

Apparently not. Yesterday’s final score: Georgia Southern 65, Houston 63. Not nearly as bad as the Coogs’ loss to Prairie View A&M that Thomas Gray and I saw live and in person lo these many years ago, but still…

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The first major college football game of the season starts in about four hours.

One of these years, I will get cable hooked back up, buy a big-screen TV, and lose myself in football season the way I did when I was a teenager. Every summer, I ask myself whether this will be that year; and every year, the answer has been that I have other things I ought to do with my time and money.

So, not this year. Probably not next year. But it might be the perfect thing to do the year I turn 40—it would be a much less embarrassing response to that milestone than buying a sports car or chasing college girls.

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To cancel ESPN Insider, call 1-888-549-3776.  Have your account name and the personal information you gave them handy. They will refund the prorated amount of your unused subscription.

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ESPN Insider: Beware

Update: Look here for updated information.

What good is it to have the right to cancel a subscription during a one-month trial period if the company gives you no way to cancel it?

I signed up for ESPN Insider a month ago. A week ago, I realized that, as someone who does not play fantasy football / baseball / curling / etc., I won’t spend enough time using the service to justify the cost.

That’s when I found out that ESPN does not give you a way to cancel your service. They say they will cancel it “upon receipt of notice”, but say nothing about where to send a notice that they’ll receive. The best they do is provide you with a webmail page for “billing issues”. My two webmails sent through that page went unanswered, and my credit card was billed today.

So, when ESPN says they offer you a free Insider trial, don’t count on it.

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