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The Lion Sleeps Tonight


And funny.

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Headline of the day

You cannot convince me that this headline was not deliberate.

(…”members of the FMC brought an open, empty guitar case to the meeting”…)

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In Book II (369a-372d) of the Republic, Socrates reasons step-by-step through what would be required to create a simple and harmonious city, one in which the citizens “will live in peace and good health, and when they die at a ripe old age, they will bequeath a similar life to their children” (372c-d).

Socrates then continues with his steps, changing his simple city into a luxurious city (372e-374a) and discussing how this change ruins the harmony and leads to “the origins of war” (373e).

George Carlin has a classic routine about “stuff”, which I have taken to heart. “That’s all your house is: It’s a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.” I have never wanted either a house or a lot of stuff because I realized early on that house and stuff are a vicious cycle: You have too much stuff, so you buy a bigger house; your bigger house looks empty until you buy more stuff for it; and so on.

Luxury is having more than you can ever use. What is the point of that?

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Retro handset

OK, now, this is just awesome right here.

(H/t to Smashing Magazine.)

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The Onion on movies

My favorite movie genre parodies from The Onion:

“Tow-Truck Driver Has Great Idea for Tow-Truck Movie”

“Dancer Risks Everything”

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