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A satisfying lunch

The best, best, best, best, bestest thing about having my weekdays off work this week is that I can eat at Pine State Biscuits without waiting in line for an hour.

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Sweet tea and yardwork

When I lived in Texas, I heard that there was nothing like drinking a glass of iced sweet tea after a couple of hours in the yard under a hot sun.

I can now verify this remark. I’m almost ready to go out for another hour.


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Chick-fil-A > McDonald’s

For the first time since moving to Portland, I ate at McDonald’s, today for lunch. (When I lived in Houston, I would go to the McDonald’s at Westheimer and Commonwealth about once a year for what you could call anthropological purposes.)

The Southern Style Chicken Sandwich is the McDonald’s replica of the chicken sandwich that made Chick-fil-A the Southern icon it rightly is. Compared to the Chick-fil-A sandwich, the McDonald’s version is both more expensive and less delicious, though at least slightly larger.

On the other hand, the nearest Chick-fil-A is 590 miles away. So I might be going back to McDonald’s every now and then.

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