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During the four weeks that I was just away from this blog, wordpress.com updated the editing interface. I like every change they made, especially the one that makes categories easier to select while writing a post.

Also, I upgraded my iPhone 3G system software to version 2.2, which, as advertised, has stabilized the Safari web browser so that it does not crash daily.

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AT&T >>> Comcast

I’m using my iPhone to blog from home because my home network has gone down. Again.

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WordPress for iPhone

I bought an iPhone on Thursday and my first application from the App Store was WordPress for the iPhone. It took just a few minutes to get it figured out, and now I can blog remotely. Very nice.

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The blog as an outlet

One reason why I wanted to have a blog again was to have an outlet to share these sorts of things—ideas and memories that have been put away for years or decades. My spring cleaning this year led me to wonder what I would do with my boxes of files. What good does it do to keep everything in those files in a place and a form where no one (including me, most likely) will ever see them again?

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Impressed by WordPress

When I first started installing my own blogging software in 2003, I considered using WordPress, but passed on it because it was just too rough and went with Movable Type instead. Two years later, when it was time to install blogging software in a new account, WordPress had surpassed Movable Type, and I moved my new blog to it (while keeping my old blogs in MT).

Eighteen months ago, when I was trying to figure out whether I wanted to continue to bother administering my own blog software or having my blog hosted instead (in the end, I just stopped blogging for a long time), neither wordpress.com nor typepad.com seemed promising to me: The former was easy to use for posting but crude at best for everything else; the latter fully featured but frustrating to use.

A few weeks ago, I gave wordpress.com a try and liked it so much that I didn’t bother trying typepad.com. It’s even easier to use than before, the interface has been polished, the visual editor is great, import/export has finally been implemented in a usable way, and I guess I just don’t want to fiddle around under the hood so much any more. My only complaint is the lack of mass editing tools—resetting the comment setting on about half of the archived posts I imported was obnoxious drudge work.

All in all, though, I have been happy with wordpress.com so far and would recommend it.

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